Friday, December 7, 2012

Rockwell Model 70 Drill.

1969. Rockwell introduces the first double-insulated 1/4" drill selling for less than $10. One speed, one direction. Probably the only drill ever available in avocado, though I'd prefer harvest gold. The double insulated construction eliminated the need for a ground lug, which everyone broke off anyways.

Below is a salesman's sample with clear housing sold on ebay (2008). Now that's different!


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GVBargen said...

Thanks for your post. I came across an example in a thrift store, saw the brand name and had to get it. Thanks for getting some info out there about it. I'm planning on tearing it down and getting any bad brushes and berrings replaced. Any assistance finding references for replacement parts (or the sizes of them so equivalent can be found) would be cool.