Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quackenbush Nutcrackers

It's a good chance that anyone who has a nutcracker or lobster cracker at home will find it's from the Quackenbush company of Ilion NY. Henry Quackenbush invented his nutcracker in 1913 and the company manufactured millions of them over the years. This was not all he had done, the company had been formed in 1867 to manufacture another of his inventions, the extension ladder. They also made some unique .22 caliber and air rifles as well as doing nickel plating. The Quackenbush company apparently still exists in some form, now doing business as Whyco Finishing Technologies. 
The page and article below came from an old Numrich Arms Firearms Parts catalog. 
I don't believe Gunparts produce the very comprehensive catalog any more but they can be found at

More info on Quackenbush guns;

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