Wednesday, October 21, 2015

One Million Views

Thanks to all our viewers who made this milestone possible, it's hard to believe we've come this far.
  For years the Duke had been sending me well-researched emails about things he'd found at thrift shops, garage sales or along the road somewhere.  I most always found them interesting and admired the effort put into them. They accumulated in my inbox, as I couldn't bear to delete them.
 The idea of storing them somewhere more permanent appealed to me and I liked the idea of sharing them in a blog. I wasn't sure what I'd be able to contribute but I converted a few of his emails to posts and gingerly inquired his thoughts on the matter. Fortunately, he enthusiastically to not only allow me to process his emails, he volunteered to contribute directly and has done so- to the tune of two a day- which I felt I had to at least somewhat equal.
So, from February 2011 till today we've made 5060 posts, mostly of old rusty mechanical things and content from forgotten old books. 
 Amazingly, lots of people have actually stopped and looked at them! Thanks to all!
The Duke and Mr. G, taking a well deserved break between posts.


The Duke said...

Mister G, as always, is far too modest. In reality, he needed to use all of his not inconsiderable powers of persuasion to convince me to come on board. I couldn't believe that anyone else could be bothered to come and read about the off-beat stuff that we unearthed. As hard as I find this to admit, he was right and I was wrong. So, it has been enheartening to recognize, from pageviews and especially comments, that there are many others who share our fascination with the commonplace, and with the history of the various technological marvels and oddities that have entered our homes over the past decades. And, as the popularity of Mister G's posts continue to frequently eclipse my own, he needs to take full credit for any success the blog has achieved. So, I tip my hat to Mister G, and express my gratitude to our many visitors who have joined us on this ongoing odyssey and enriched the blog with their own contributions.

Ace said...

You are both too modest. I am in awe. You have inspired me. And ... damn you, now I look at the tools too ...

The Duke said...

Is that your blog? Amazing! I love the writing style--deeply tongue-in-cheek!