Tuesday, December 22, 2020

1974 Toyota Trucks

 I keep thinking there should be a market for a small scale truck again. These days the bikes would be in a 20 foot trailer behind a jacked up dual cab 4WD pickup truck.


Don in Oregon said...

Concur. I have an old Toyota Tacoma that weighs 2750 lbs and gets 25-28 mpg. Old Ford Rangers get 31 mpg.

I could see something with a small diesel engine getting 35 mpg. (And hopefully with a more comfortable interior.)

JP said...

I drove one for a couple of years (mid-'80s), the Euro version called HiLux.
1.9L diesel engine, the slowest vehicle I ever owned, a real crawler.
But light, and on 16" wheels, it was a superb off-road performer.

Mister G said...

The 2C-T engine? I had a couple of Townaces with that engine. Probably Toyota's worst effort, gutless, not particularly economical, and the heads cracked.

JP said...

Some reputation :-)... mine threw a rod straight out of the crankcase... The end.

Graham Clayton said...

And being the 70s, there had to be a version with garish paint job and interior trim, not to mention carpet in the tray :-)