Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Oddball slot-head screwdriver

I found this little 4-inch screwdriver at a thrift store recently.  It's an interesting configuration.  It's hard to say if it came this way from the manufacturer, or someone bent it into this shape.  If the latter, it's impressive, because it wouldn't be easy to bend it like this, and most people would be satisfied with just a straight 90 degree bend if it were for a one-off application.  Sadly, no manufacturer's mark on it.


Unknown said...

That has been bent by some poor engineer to get him out of trouble - only to realise it was useless if the screw was not in line with the blade plus/minus a fewe degrees...Now where did I put that one I bent at right angles?

Mister G said...

Maybe its part of a set, the other two might have been at 90 degrees to this one and another at 45! Just kidding.