Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vanished Makes: James Millen Mfg. Co.

The Radio Amateur's Handbook.  48th Edition.  Newington, Conn.:  The American Radio Relay League, 1971.
This company, which began as the National Toy Company, lasted from 1938 through to 1977.  For more information, see this link.  For digital versions of several of James Millen's original publications, click here.

The company has since re-emerged with a new website and the motto, `because they were built to last.` I like their approach:

``We are not ignorant to these new fangled dohickeys that people carry around with them but truth be told we both know they weren’t built to last.
Meanwhile, we will continue to reminisce about those heady days of quality manufacturing and good old fashion ingenuity making America great.``

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