Saturday, September 15, 2012

We used to make things in this country. #68: Wilkinson Plough Co. Ltd., Toronto Ontario

The wrench is stamped "Wilkison Plow Co. Toronto."  It should be "Wilkinson."  This spelling error seems common for this manufacturer.  Interesting also that the wrench says "plow" but the advertising below uses the British spelling of "plough."  Perhaps less letters made for a cheaper forging die?

George Wilkinson established his company in Aurora, Ontario in 1868, where his wife Asenath reportedly helped him to make his first plow.  Ten years later, he was prosperous enough to send a plow to the Paris Universal Exposition in France.  The company moved to Toronto around 1890 to take advantage of the railway system there.  It claimed to be able to produce 30,000 plows a year.  It also offered other products for farm and garden, and guaranteed its plows to cut in any soil.  It seems to have disappeared before World War I.

After 1893.  

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Gary McIlravey said...

George Wilkinson was my Great Great Grandfather!