Monday, September 10, 2012

We used to make things in this country. #69: Woodings Railcar Ltd., Lancaster Ontario

Woodings Railcar Limited was out of Lancaster, Ontario and ceased operations in 1991.  It built `speeders``which, according to Wikipedia:

``A speeder (also known as railway motor car, putt-putt, track-maintenance car, crew car, jigger, trike, quad, trolley or inspection car, and also known as a draisine (although that can also be unpowered) in many other parts of the world) is a maintenance of way motorized vehicle formerly used on railroads around the world by track inspectors and work crews to move quickly to and from work sites.Although it is slow compared to a train or car, it is called speeder because it is faster than a human-powered vehicle.``

Speeders were replaced by Hy-Rails, vehicles which can operate on both highways and rails.

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