Thursday, September 6, 2012

We used to make things in this country. # 70: National Tool Distributors Ltd., Toronto Ontario (Updated)

A very nice forged monkey wrench, stamped "oil hardened" on the moveable jaw and "NATIONAL TOOL DIST IBU ORS LTD Toronto Canada" on the body. Mister G pointed out that this clearly refers to "National Tool Distributors" and that the forging die must have somehow worn to produce this odd spelling.

A 1961 catalogue for Continue-Flo Products of Burlington, Ontario indicates that National made a number of different products:

They also seem to have entered into an arrangement with the Nye Tool Company of Chicago to make pipe cutters and pipe vices:

According to a contributor to the Garage Gazette, National was once the supplier of pipe wrenches to Gray Tools, based on a Gray catalogue entry:

He also produces evidence to suggest that the National Tool Company was the successor to the Perfect Pipe Company of Galt, Ontario (now Cambridge).

Finally, below an image taken from a recent Kijiji ad for a pipe wrench marked "National Tool Distribu ors Toronto":

The second letter "T" in "Distributors" is missing, suggesting that the forging dies were wearing, and that his wrench is earlier than mine where both the letters "R" and "T" are absent from the word. 

Notice how straight the handle is.  Unless mine represents a "bent pattern," it would seem that mine may have been used by Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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Anonymous said...

It seems the company made a variety of products. I have a gas lantern with "National Tool Distributors Ltd. Toronto Canada" stamped on the regulator. There is a very flaky decal that partially reads "use only with (missing)NAL N.K. cylinder". The design is very unique. The lantern head hangs upside down by a crossbar in a wire frame. The propane tank causes the head to rotate to a standing position. The frame can be unclipped to become a hanging lantern. Got it at a garage sale for $5.