Monday, November 26, 2012


It has sadly come to our attention that the person behind has been appropriating entire blog entries from our site and numerous others and posting them as his own.  We have since learned that this discourteous and ignorant behaviour is referred to as "scraping" and is usually carried out as a means for the "scraper" to illegitimately acquire content in order to attract more traffic to his monetized site, where each ad click generates revenue for him.  See

As our visitors and followers will recognize, our content is derived from photographs we have taken ourselves plus scans of out-of-print sources we have acquired over decades, supplemented by web research.  On our own blog, we try very hard to ensure that credit is given to all print and internet sources of information that we use.  We are happy to freely share our content and research with others, but do expect that anyone re-posting the material should give us credit for our work, at the minimum by acknowledging our blog as the source of the material and providing a link to our site.  This is just common courtesy. 

After prolonged debate, Mister G and I have decided to continue to post new entries to the blog in spite of this flagrant and ongoing rip-off.  However, we would love to know how to block this miscreant from scraping our blog.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Leslie Armour.  The Idea of Canada and the Crisis of Community.  Ottawa:  Steel Rail Publishing, 1981.

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