Friday, November 9, 2012

Typing Records

Esta Ross Stuart.  Complete Typewriting Course (Revised Edition), High Frequency Word-Pattern Method.  Arranged for Canadian Schools by Evelyn M. Rutledge.  The Copp Clark Publishing Co. Ltd., 1939.
In 1923, Tangora set a one-hour record of 147 words per minute on an Underwood Standard.  He won these competitions seven times before conceding defeat to another contestant on an electric typewriter.

The Guinness Book of Records.  London:  Guinness Superlatives Ltd., 1956
In 1946, Stella Pajunas, later Mrs. Garnand, attained 216 words per minute on an IBM machine.  It took an electric typewriter to beat Mr. Tangora's record.  And a woman.

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