Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fordson Dexta 1957-61

Fordosn Dexta Tractor 32-45 HP depending on the model, 3 cylinder diesel or 4 cylinder gas. A lovely handy tractor, feels like a muscular 8N. Beware of rusted fenders and cracked pistons on the diesels. They didn't like to start in the cold and a lot of them were ethered to death.

1961 Super Dexta


Gopher Baroque said...

Fordson addressed hard starting diesels by sending gas motor Dextas to countries with cold winters. I live in Washington, USA, and have an early 4 cylinder Dexta. Very rare, and since I bought it from a fellow who lives close to the border, I suspect it may have crossed from Canada.

Mister G said...

Illegal immigrant! Most of the 0nes I see are 3 cylinder diesels!