Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Princess Louise and the Lansdowne

Charles Maginley, The ships of Canada's Marine Services, Vanwell Publishing 2003

In 1882 Jotham O'Brien -a shipbuilder in Maccan, Nova Scotia- built a wooden lighthouse supply vessel named the Princess Louise (after Queen Victoria's fourth daughter). As the steamer was completed it was decided to tow the ship to Halifax for the installation of her boiler and engine. The steamer Newfield (roughly the same size vessel) took the ship in tow but before they could clear the Bay of Fundy, a gale parted the towrope and the vessel was driven ashore near Digby, Nova Scotia. The captain and seven crew members lost their life. The Newfield narrowly escaped being wrecked during the same gale.
As the machinery had already been purchased a second identical ship named the Lansdowne was ordered from the same builder. The machinery was shipped to Canada and installed. The Lansdowne served till 1917 when it was retired. The steamer Newfield was wrecked at Digby Neck, Nova Scotia in 1900. 

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