Friday, May 12, 2017

Vanished tool makers: Dental Manufacturing Company, Buffalo, N.Y.

A small press I picked up.  From the company name, I assumed it was intended for dentists to use, perhaps for modifying dental implants.

As it turns out, the Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Company was founded in 1867. They're still around, but the company's line of business focuses on the manufacturing of artificial teeth, dental metals, alloys, amalgams, and other equipment and instruments. However, back in the day they also produced a wide range of tools for the hobbyist.  Below, from their 1934 catalogue, courtesy of the Internet Archive:

I especially like the Floor Anvils described below.  "It may be used in an attic workshop without seriously disturbing those below."  I suppose those living below simply got used to the rhythmic sound of a "dull metallic thump."

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