Monday, May 8, 2017

Scythe Song, 1895

O.J. Stevenson.  Country Life Reader.  Toronto  George J. McLeod, Ltd., 1924.

This poem by Andrew Lang (1844–1912) was first published in 1895.  It must have been something to hear the scythes swishing back in the day before engine noises drowned out nature.
Eric Sloane.  A Museum of Early American Tools.  Ballantine Books, 1964, 1974.


Anonymous said...

It must have taken some kind of upper-body strength to wield that fourfinger cradle model for the duration of a work shift. One ponders it in awe.

Mister G said...

I wonder how many acres per day a guy could cut with one of those awful things. I expect there were regular and frequent breaks to keep the tool sharp.
Me, I'd rather listen to the chatter of a sickle mower. :-)