Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Robert Sorby tools, Sheffield, England

I've only ever stumbled across three tools by this very old British firm.  Above, a 1-1/4" chisel that some previous owner adapted by making a steel handle, securing the tang with grub screws.  On one side is the Sorby name and Maltese cross trademark:

On the reverse, their whimsical kangaroo trademark (Even their telegraph address was "Kangaroo, Sheffield"):

Secondly, a Robert Sorby mortising chisel:

The third tool I own is an old wooden plane with the iron made by the Sorby company:

The company's roots go back more than 200 years, and it continues today under the Spear & Jackson corporate banner.  For a full history, read Robert Sorby and Sons.

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Unknown said...

I bought an old wooden block plane from a car boot sale today. Just been cleaning up the iron and I've found the Rob Sorby logo with the kangaroo. I'd never heard of them before.