Thursday, June 28, 2012

Star Ferry, Hong Kong

The Star Ferry was founded in 1888 to ferry passengers between Hong Kong Island and the mainland at Kowloon. Despite competition from road tunnels and the subway, it remains a popular method to travel, feeling like another era while carrying 70,000 people a day on its twelve boats and two routes. It's a popular tourist attraction, providing scenic views during the short "ocean" crossings.

 Northern Star docked at the Kowloon Terminal.

 Solar Star making its way across a busy harbour.

 Shining Star pulling in at Central.

 The seat backs flip over depending on the direction of travel.

 Pilot House.

It's hard to get a waterfront picture without a Star Ferry or two in the frame.

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Graham Clayton said...

The whole journey takes less than 5 minutes - is this the shortest ferry trip in the world?