Monday, June 18, 2012

Unusual Tools: David Trimming Plane

Picked up this lovely little trimming plane yesterday.  The base is only 8 cm long.  It uses razor blades and gives you three positions to insert them:  on the front, in the middle (as a skew) and on the back (on a curve).  

Made by a Dutch company named "David."  It's the first tool made in Holland that I've every encountered over here.  I love their trademark!  Obviously a biblical reference intended to suggest that, although they're small, they can knock down the bigger guys.  Along with slinging a stone, the figure also looks like it's flipping the bird, although this is probably not intentional.

Below, a similar tool offered by Craft Master in the U.S.  (from a Kijiji ad):


Anonymous said...

I have such a plane that I was given as a birthday gift when I was 10. I never appreciated the value of that tool, but I now need to get the "plate" that holds the blade firmly in place. Where can I get one?

Mister G said...

Try Googling David plane, I think they are still available, maybe parts can be bought from the maker?

Anonymous said...

Hi, long time since this was logged. Does the part you need look like this?

You might be able to get one 3d printed.