Friday, October 12, 2012

A 1928 View of Canada

Below, from E.M. Sanders, Pictorial Geography. The Round World.  London:  George Philip & Son, Ltd., Sixth Edition 1938 (First Edition 1928).

This was was a British reader designed "for pupils in the lower part of the Junior School or Elementary School."  The final page of the book concludes:

"Men are masters of the animals all over the world.  If you go to the Far North you will find man killing the polar bears and the musk oxen. ... If you go to the great grassy plain of Canada you will find that man has killed nearly all the bison.  If you go to the hot wet forests where the monkeys live, you will find men killing the crocodiles....  Perhaps you wonder how man has been able to do all these things.  I will tell you his secret.  He can think much better than the animals..... By thinking hard and working hard men have conquered the whole world."

And we worry about the ideas that we put into young people's heads today!

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