Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One of my vices is vises: RAE

Rae #2 Vise, one of a line of vises once made in Hamilton Ontario.  Another company that just up and vanished.

A Rae being advertised on Kijiji:

And another:

 And a woodworking vise from the Duke's shop:


Anonymous said...

I have a Rae vise with a broken screw, and I cannot get a replacement, but neither can I get myself send it to the scrap yard. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

You can probably fix it if it is a common thread.......where is it broken and where are you??

Anonymous said...

That is my green RAE (above) ........... "A Rae being advertised on Kijiji:" ......... on Kijiji (Toronto)again.....contact me through that ad if you wish.

Graham Clayton said...

The rights to the RAE vise at some point transferred to an outfit named OTACO and subsequent production occurred in Orillia, ON. OTACO was an acronym which stood for Orillia Tudhope Anderson Co.