Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The real £100 car at last!

The British Dominions Car Co. Ltd. Yeovil
The Seaton-Petter car was only produced in 1926 and 1927 by the British Dominions Car Co. Ltd. of Yeovil.  It used a very simple two-cylinder 1300-cc two-stroke engine producing 18 bhp . It featured detachable rear seats for easy conversion to a "light delivery van." 


Graham Clayton said...

Petters Limited were known for their industrial machinery and engines, as well as aircraft through their Westland factory. They thought that their mass production experience with aircraft made a car to be sold for £100 a possibility. It seems that by the mid-1920's, potential customers were looking for more from a car than a two-cylinder two-stroke engine, even if the car was very cheap. Approximately 70 cars were built before production ended.

Mister G said...

Did not know about the Westland aircraft connection. Thanks!