Tuesday, October 9, 2012

OK, people, that's a wrap

Above, from an old aluminum foil dispenser, itself made of aluminum.

The Reynolds Metals Company was initially founded in Louisville, Kentucky in 1919 by the nephew of the tobacco baron R.J. Reynolds of tobacco.  The company initially produced lead and tin foil wrapping for cigarettes and candy, but began producing aluminum foil in 1926.  It's most famous product, Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil, was introduced in 1947.  The company merged with ALCOA in 2000 to become the largest aluminum company in the U.S.



Anonymous said...

I have one of these. This photo you have is the only other one that I have ever seen. I think most people threw them out when they designed the box with the cutter. Any idea of how much it is worth?

The Duke said...

I see that aluminum is selling for about 83 cents a pound. You'd need a lot of these to get a full pound, though.