Friday, October 12, 2012

Pattern making

Back in the day, items used to be machined or cast based on wooden patterns.  The wooden forms would be stored and used when needed to make a new part.

The World Book Encyclopedia.  Chicago:  Field Enterprises Educational Corporation, 1958.
Pattern makers were highly skilled woodworkers.  Below, two examples from the same source.  The first is made of mahogany.  Note the raised numbers which on close examination appear to have been glued on.

The second is made of pieces of pine laminated together:

The original label on the side gives information about the pattern.  Unfortunately, no information as to the company or actual type of part for which it was a pattern:

Finally, making patterns for a locomotive:

Louis V. Newkirk, Ph.D.,  General Shop for Everyone.  Boston:  D.C. Heath & Company, 1952, 1959.

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