Thursday, March 14, 2013

1971 Suzuki Stinger T125-II Brochure

A high point in Suzuki styling. Not quite the "Roadracer you can ride on the street" they tout it as, though the styling is sporty enough. Top speed of "about 70 mph"- realistically less... and with unique downdraft carburetors and cast iron cylinders that didn't lend themselves to power output or to modification. Too bad Suzuki never produced an RT hop-up kit for the bike as they did for the AS and TS 50s and 100s. 

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Anonymous said...

great little bikes very strong- easy modified to do 92mph with std carb.U need 2 custom pipes designed for about 8-9000rpm (ie not too wide).Strip of all surplus weight (22lbs).File the exhaust port -widen 2mm each side and raise 3mm.leave all other ports std.Take off aircleaner and element.If u can fita total loss (battery only) electronic ignition all the better.The std points dont like very high rpm and start to bounce . With the electronic ignition the points can be closed right down.Will rev to 11,000rpm in lower gears easy.U need plenty of alternative sprockets to match different circuits.Best suited to small circuits as acceleration is very good but top speed only modertae (same as a std T250 about). You dont need headlight,speedo, indicators, front and rear gds, seat, tail light, rear pegs,stand,std bars,horn air box and element,stator.