Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sea Monster report; Halifax, 1825

Sea Serpent at Halifax:
The Nova Scotian of July 27 1825, contains a particular account, on the authority of several witnesses, of the appearance of a large sea serpent in the harbour of Halifax, on the afternoon of the 15th. It was seen by a young gentleman who happened to be riding past the wharf at Mr. Goreham's tan-pit, accompanied by some ladies. He raised his head about three feet out of water, its body was the size of a large log, and appeared to be at least 60 feet long, and it forced itself along by a wiggling sort of motion. It remained above water about five minutes, at a distance of about sixty yards. The editor of the Nova Scotian went to the spot and learned these and other particulars, which were confirmed by the young gentleman, the ladies, Mr. Goreham, his family and servants. It is also confirmed with additional particulars by Mr. William Barry of Halifax, who was going into the harbour the same evening in a whaling boat, and with the men in the boat, observed it for some time. He saw the head distinctly, and at one time eight coils of his body above the water, and is persuaded that he is at least 60 feet in length.— The Telescope Aug20 1825


Anonymous said...

Well, I suppose even the Loch Ness Monster takes a vacation once in a while..... :-)

The Citroen Guy

Mister G said...

I guess he liked the Scottish connection...