Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We used to make things in this country. #26: Empire Surgical Supplies, Toronto

I can't remember what this came off of, but at least I saved the badge!  I don't know if they were a manufacturer, distributor or retailer.  A google search turns up nada.  I'm planning to rivet the badge onto the drawer front of an old metal machinist's tool chest.  That will be sure to confuse and confound someone years down the road!

Below, a pair of Empire pliers, although no indication on the tool of where they were made.  Different script, so unlikely to be the same company.  Probably a popular name in pre-Commonwealth days.

Update August 2021, Leslie sent in pictures of a metal Empire medical cabinet that he has on ebay, quite an impressive piece. 


Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure it came off a metal medical cabinet.

I've got one if you want a photo.

Mister G said...

Yes please! you can send the picture to gerald@vanwyngaarden.ca