Saturday, March 30, 2013

My first Moto-lust; Chapter 2

 It's 1991, 20 years after my last contact with any Suzuki Stinger and just days after I graduated from Art College. I'm in the laundromat, waiting for the washing machine to finish, bored... so I pick up one of the old newspapers and scan the classified section. In "Motorcycles for Sale" is an ad for- unbelievably- three Stingers for sale. I have no job or money but I have to visit the seller. Two are 1969 models, Roman Red, perfect (and expensive), the Pop Green 1971 model is missing the seat, less expensive but still out of my price range. But contact has been made and when they all are sold I follow the 1971. Another couple of years go by and one day I work out a complicated trade for some obscure Italian bike parts plus cash. We load the poor little bike into the trunk of a friend's car and take it home. It's taken twenty years but I finally own a Stinger.

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