Monday, March 25, 2013


In my shop I have a handy but very old 4-drawer metal cabinet with very worn decals on each drawer front:

The decal proclaims: "Ask 'Em To Buy Las-Stik Tube Patch."

The Las-Stik Patch Manufacturing Company was  founded in 1915 by Louis Sohngen in Hamilton, Ohio.  The company name may have originated with the founders initials and/or may have been intended to boost the company's first product, a tire patch that would "last and stick."  (Personally, I think they were aiming for an association with "elastic" since their patches were advertised to stretch with the tube.) Such a product was essential in an age when roads were poor and mined with sharp gravel and old horse-shoe nails, and tires would often get punctured numerous times in the course of a single trip.

Remarkably, the company is still in business out of Dayton, Ohio, having added the "GitUm" brand of automotive wax polishing cloths in the 1950's.

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