Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Globe Laboratories, Forth Worth, Texas

I picked up this odd British-made syringe many years ago.  Last summer, my older son (who's just finishing his program to become a vet) and I stopped at a local yard sale and found an old Globe Laboratories Blue Book, unfortunately undated.  Apparently, the first one was published in 1919.  It listed the company as a division of Chas. Pfizer & Co., giving the telephone as EDison 2-4346.

The diagram below suggests that the device above is a dose syringe.

At some other point, I'd also picked up the hypodermic syringe below, marked as a "B-D Champion" made by another firm, the Becton, Dickinson & Company out of Rutherford, New Jersey. Founded in 1897, it's still around.

Below, from the Globe catalogue:

Another  old vet textbook we bought at the yard sale had extensive information on how to properly clean and maintain these devices, which my son found amusing because the ones they use today are disposable.

Anyway, they've now passed into his custody and are good conversational starters for folks in his line of work.

Below, from the Blue Book:

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J. Markum said...

About 1955 my Great Uncle, Luther Stom worked here at the North Fort Worth location.My Dad said he bleed out live pigs and blood was used to make a serum. Thanks for the interesting info.-Janet Markum