Thursday, December 21, 2017

VBW Werkzeugfabrik GmbH, Remsheid, Germany

Although I can't  discover what the acronym stands for, VBW was founded in 1828 with the manufacture of a range of hole-punching tools.  By the end of the century, the product line had expanded to a wide range of hand tools, and many new patents. Today, the company has the most modern forging hammers in the Stahlwille Group and now specializes in pliers, wrenches and cutters.  (Their motto is "Die Welt der Zangen" -- "The World of Pliers.") Out of Remscheid, they're very proud of their German roots.  According to their website:

The greatest difference, however, is in the way the slugs are sourced. While some German manufacturers often import cheap slugs before machining them here, VBW manufactures its own slugs in its own German facility. VBW tools are 100% made in Germany, right from the slug through to the finished product, with no side-stepping. VBW emphasizes this guiding principle more then ever before with its "Forged and Finished in Germany" logo as a guarantee to customers that quality is the key aim as volumes grow.


wimbloemendaal said...

Vereinigte Beckersche Werkzeugfabriken.

wimbloemendaal said...

[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]VBW MECHANIC spanner[/url] by [url=]Henri Nasutus[/url], on Flickr