Thursday, December 28, 2017

Norton "S" Type Roadster

Years ago, I was out for a ride on my Commando Roadster and stopped at a local yard sale late in the afternoon.  I almost never find Norton stuff, but the seller had this manual.  He wanted more than I was prepared to pay.  I wasn't really that interested, since I don't own an S.  As I started to walk away, I overheard his wife say, "That's the only guy who's shown any interest in that manual all day.  Sell it to him."  So, I got it for my price, and it's sat on a shelf ever since.

I was never a fan of the S.  Personally, I thought the twin pipes on the left side looked unbalanced and goofy,  as did the tiny 5-inch headlamp with its chrome "halo."  The pipe location was also ideal for burning your leg as well.

By the time of this manual, production was out of Andover. Production of the S was discontinued in 1970.

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