Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas! 1901 & 1948

Junior Arithmetic.  Grade Two.  Toronto:  W.J. Gage & Co., 1948.

No blatant sexism here.

Happy Hours in Story Land.  New York:  McLoughlin Bros., 1901.
The 1901 drawing is just creepy.


Jim said...


What a great website. Looked at it few times,very interesting, but also a bit sad. Canada has squandered so much talent and potential. Look at the Swedes and their logging machinery industry. Could have had the same thing in B.C., but hey, the west dont have Bombardier....
If the feds would have put money into I.E.L., Madill, Pacific etc.
Anyways, I really appreciate your showing people the great things form the past, our past, thank you.

The Duke said...

Hey, thanks a lot for the comment. You've nailed it: that's exactly what we're trying to achieve with the blog--remember when we used to be pretty self-sufficient on the manufacturing side, and appreciate how much has been lost to the so-called global economy. Now we have cheap consumer goods (and how cheap in quality they tend to be) but fewer and fewer jobs. Was that a good trade?