Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Old time dealer experiences, Rocky's

photo by Fred
Fred Beddington recalls,

Photo is of Brian Beddington on his C&J XR,  Charlie Chapple of Michigan following on his XR, Western Fair, 74-75 ? Brian managed the fastest time trial at the fairgrounds that day. The then owner of Rocky's Cycle came down into the pits, asked why we didn't come to him for some sponsorship ? I replied, We'd be lucky to get spark plugs and a T shirt in this town ! He took his T shirt off, gave it to us and said, "Come and see me!" Ha Ha! He bought Brian a beautiful set of leathers ! Rockys HD, which I still have. He was good to us.

photo unknown
All the shops in those days were great places to visit, I miss them. As you can see, variety of products. The fella on the right end Lloyd, was the Harley mechanic. A nice quiet man, remained a Bachelor all his life, worked at Rocky's most of his life, now buried in a small gravesite not far from Komoka.

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